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For today's savvy business entrepreneur, the Internet is not just a new advertising medium, it's a compelling new way to identify, engage and develop strong relationships with customers.

Do you have to start with a website? Not always. A good database of email addresses is perhaps all you need to drive traffic to your store. A well written sales letter may be all you need to have someone respond to your online offer. Believe or not, some very successful businesses only use blogs to sell and interact with customers.

Creating a website that sells

That said, the odds are good that you'll probably have to consider a website to anchor most of your online activities. And whether it's through our handbook, workshops or webinars, we'll walk you through the steps and demystify online marketing so you can really use a website to your advantage.

To help you succeed in this new medium, here are some of the many online secrets you'll learn from our programs:
  • Design fundamentals to create a "sticky" site
  • Inexpensive ways to generate online traffic
  • Simple website strategies to covert visitors into buyers
  • Strategies for improving your ranking on the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN
  • How to get affiliates to help promote your site
  • Tools to analyze the effectiveness of your website (and your competitors)
Plus much, much more!

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