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Q. I'm trying hard to make my business appear different from other businesses like mine. With so many choices available to customers today, is there really a way to set my business apart from the rest? Do you do that in the Marketing Chef's seminars?

A. Yes, it's a competitive me-too world out there. But it's not impossible to stand out, especially if you use the right communication tools and follow a few simple strategies, which we discuss in our seminars. It all boils down to how precise your business communication is- both to yourself and your customers. And then, of course, following through with your marketing plans. Too often small business owners hear some great ideas, get excited and then forget or delay to put into action the very things they've learned. If you've passion and persistence, you'll succeed.

Q. I'm getting ready to create my website. How will this course help me?

A. Before you create your website, you have to determine what exactly you'll use your website for. And how your prospects and customers might use the site. If, for example, you're opening a hair salon and want a site strictly for location, hours and pricing information, you probably don't need a dynamic e-commerce site. If you decide to eventually sell salon products or offer weekly specials or provide style tips that you can co-market with an email campaign, then may want to consider a different site layout and marketing approaches. These are kinds of topics we cover in our teleseminars and workshops.

Q. I've been on teleseminars with hundreds of people and never got the personal attention promised. How can I be assured yours it like that?

A. We keep our teleseminars small to ensure that every person on the call gets personal attention if they want it. We rarely have more than 25 people on a call. Plus, everyone gets unlimited lifetime support to receive individual guidance and direction.

Q. What if I have to miss a teleseminar class or have to leave early? Will I miss much?

A. Depends. Some of the seminars build on what was covered in previous class. So if you miss a session you could miss a lot. On the other hand, some classes cover one-time topics are complete in one session. Don't worry if you need to miss a class related to a previous one. Each session is recorded as an audio file, and is made available quickly so that you don't lose time.

Q. I've spent lots of money on a logo, stationery, business cards and a website. Will they have to change after this course? They look good but not great. How will this course affect that?

A. It depends. If you've already invested good money into your corporate look you may be reluctant to throw it all away. Sometimes logos and names change a lot, sometimes they change a little, sometimes they don't change at all. It depends on how clear or in most cases how lucky you were when you created it. People often spend thousands of dollars on logos, collateral, book design, packaging, and websites, etc. only to find that they didn't know how to really communicate with their designer to ensure whatever they designed for them completely communicated their business. This course defines your complete set of communication tools so that every vender that works for you serves your brand. This set of rules also ensures your "wow" because you created it. You should be wowed by your materials, if you're not, how can you expect customers to be?

Q. It seems like the courses are geared toward consultant/advisor type service businesses. Is marketing process applicable to a retail operation or to a product?

A. Most definitely. It doesn't matter whether you're the product or service, or you're a reseller of products or services for someone else. You're goal is to sell more stuff to more people more effectively. While each product or service has unique marketing challenges, people tend to respond to a selling proposition in a similar fashion. And they ask similar questions: How will your product benefit me? Is there a guarantee? What do other customers say? The process of making your brand stand out is the end result. Creating exciting business communication is the same for whatever kind of business you're in. We've worked with car dealers, restaurants, software developers, clothing retailers, entertainment venues and many other sectors as well.

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