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SEASONED ENTREPRENEUR? For established marketers looking for advanced strategies to generate leads, win customers and snowball sales.
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Are you a small business owner, independent professional, sales manager, or marketing director who wants to grow your business faster? Do you need unique business marketing ideas to get the attention of new prospects and convert them into customers?

Perhaps your marketing activities are uncoordinated. Or have become stale-you're running the same ads, using the same media, spending on the promotions-maybe those approaches need spicing up.

Improve your marketing with these simple tactics

To improve the return on your marketing investment, and to help you sell more stuff to more people, consider adding new ingredients and fresh thinking to your online and offline strategies.

For instance, consider something as simple as your guarantee or return policy. Make it competitively stronger and customers will deduce you provide a superior product or service. Remember, "satisfaction guaranteed or your money-back" was a driving force behind the Sears Roebuck success story.

We're here to help you do things better. And differently, if it means improving where you stand now. Our solutions, especially for experienced business owners, can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of each marketing element you're using now.

Tip: Don't nickel-and-dime clients with charges for phone calls, overnight deliveries copies and such. Figure those costs into your hourly or project fees. Many clients won't blink at being billed $100 an hour, but get peeved for being charged $12 for a FedEx delivery.

We help you taste success faster

Whatever your business, virtually every owner faces the same challenges to accelerate growth and profitability. True, marketing is not the only cog in the wheel to fortune. (Supplies, production, staffing, channels and so on, all have a role too.) But in our way of thinking, marketing is an integral, strategic function that drives your business.

That's where The Marketing Chefs can help.

Individually, and as consulting group, The Marketing Chefs have been providing creative and marketing counsel to small, medium and large Fortune 500 companies for more than 25 years. Over that time, we've learned some important food for thought: It's not how much you spend, it's how smart you think. And, of course, how well you execute your plans.

The Marketing Chefs show how easy it is to be more successful in branding and marketing your business. We help you:
  • Brand your company, product or service
  • Develop logos, taglines and branding materials
  • Develop a strategy to increase your website effectiveness
  • Use publicity to effectively promote your business
  • Generate more online traffic and paying customers
  • Develop more powerful email marketing
  • Motivate customers to give you more referrals
Lunch 'n Learn Teleseminars

You're invited to participate in a variety of Lunch 'n Learn virtual teleseminars on topics that range from How to Generate FREE Publicity to How to Turn Online Visitors into Paying Customers. You can participate in the one-hour sessions from the comfort of your home or office desk.

Workshops for Entrepreneurs

We also offer inspiring marketing workshops at "The Cookworks", one of Toronto's finest cooking/teaching restaurants run by Donna Dooher, a professional chef, cookbook author and HGTV host. (And a really nice person.)

When you sign up for one of these full-day workshops, you'll enjoy a lot of meaty learning in just a few short hours. Because the classes are small and interactive, you'll have a chance to share your experiences and exchange ideas with other like-minded business owners and sales managers.

Better yet, you'll get the opportunity, over lunch, to release your inner chef, and learn a few new recipes and cooking techniques from some of Toronto's most adventurous chefs.

What to bring to the workshops

So bring your enthusiasm. Your business cards. And your appetite. Especially your appetite.

  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Purchase "Hungry to Succeed" Workbook and CDs
  • Online Webinars
  • Private Coaching Sessions
  • Creative, Online & Research Services

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