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Every product or service has unique marketing challenges. The good news is, effective solutions don't have to cost an arm and leg. Often it simply means thinking a little harder, or getting a better understanding on the needs of your customers. Then acting upon your learning.

The following examples, created for current and past clients, demonstrate how our thinking and expertise can help you succeed.

CASE STUDY #1: Berry Health Inc.

CASE STUDY #2: Canadian Blood Services

CASE STUDY #3: Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC)

CASE STUDY #4: Medieval Times

CASE STUDY #5: Bradley Systems Inc.

Additional Client Work

Berry Health Inc.

Berry Wise Antioxidant is a new berry-based nutrition supplement recently created and launched in North America. The Marketing Chefs were asked to develop an integrated strategy for all marketing activities, as well as provide a variety of tools (traffic conversion and generation) to drive online sales. The online program includes articles, website optimization, audio postcards, online banner ads, and teleseminars to develop the relationship with prospects and customers.

Response has been terrific, with Public Relations activities generating up to 178,000 click-thrus in one day. Marketing attention has paved the way for entry into select regional stores for a trial period.


Package & Logo Design

Press Realease

Book Design

Canadian Blood Services

It's difficult to ask someone to donate something, especially when you also have to ask him or her to visit a clinic, fill out forms, get pricked with needle, and then spend 15 minutes being drained of fluids. For Marketing Chef Mark, it was a gratifying challenge, as chief writer for the "Blood. It's in you to give" campaign for three years.

This award-winning, multi-media direct-response campaign contributed to a 25% increase in blood donations over the period, and wins a silver CASSIES for effective advertising in the not-for-profit category.

Advertising Poster

Advertising Poster

TV Spot

CBS "Kaylie" Radio Spot

CBS "Milo" Radio Spot

Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC)

Ocean Nutrition Canada is a nutri-pharmaceutical company that uses crushed lobster shells as a capsule ingredient for some of their vitamin supplements. To introduce its products to generic supplement producers, Mark and Bernard developed a DM campaign that involved sending two live lobsters to each of their 10 highly targeted prospects. Accompanying the lobsters was a water-proof sales piece that invited recipients to “Feel free to take our sales reps home for Thanksgiving Dinner.” Result: a 90 per cent response rate and $850,000 worth of new business.

Direct Mail


Package Design

Product Brochure

Medieval Times

Toronto has hundreds of fascinating destinations to entice tourists and locals. How do you compete with such a rich smorgasbord of attractions? That was the marketing challenge faced by Medieval Times, whose dinner theatre was losing its lustre and its market share. That's when Marketing Chefs Mark and Bernard accepted the task to re-launch the show. Through integrated radio, newspaper and DRTV ads based on the theme Spectator Sport. As it was 1000 years ago, the long-running campaign reversed losses and became the most successful re-launch for the franchise.

Not only a marketing award winner, overall attendance gained 25% over the previous year.

Newspaper Advertising

Bradley Systems Inc.

How do you launch an unknown cleaning product on a website with a limited marketing budget? That was the challenge faced by Bradley Systems Inc. of Chicago, when they asked The Marketing Chefs to develop an integrated campaign for Zero-Tox, a 100% safe eco-friendly all-purpose household cleaner. The project involved everything from product label design to website design, plus a complete arsenal of web-based marketing activities to drive traffic and sales on the e-commerce site.

Impact: gets an average of 145,000 press release page reads every day for 15 days+


Banner Ads

Logo & Package Design


Additional Client Work:

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